Car Washing FAQ

Almost! If you have any questions or concerns or you’re unsure if your vehicle is safe to go through, please ask an attendant beforehand  and they will be happy to check it before going into the wash. Below is our vehicle guide to ensure a safe wash for everyone:


• Vehicles at a height greater than 7’
• Vehicles with tires greater than 13” wide
• Vehicles with excessive mud, rust, and/or damage
• Vehicles with any oil or grease
• Vehicles with low tire pressure
• Trucks with doubled/dually tires
• Trucks with uncovered pickup beds that contain any kind of debris and/or loose objects
• Trucks with beds containing fuel pumps
• Rear carriers
• Ladders on top of the vehicle
• Pickup racks
• Bike racks
• Roof racks that exceed the height limit of 7′
• Low profile cars
• Ford Raptor

Additional info can be found here.

Yes, but we will retract our wrap brushes as to not damage our equipment from possibly tangling on the trailer hitch. This means that the rear of the vehicle will not get cleaned as well as the rest of the car. We always recommend removing trailer hitches. If you decide to keep the trailer hitch on, we recommend using our bug prep brush to scrub the rear of your vehicle before entering the wash.

Yes. However, the beds must be completely free of any kind of debris and/or loose objects. It’s for the safety of your truck and other vehicles. We kindly ask that you empty the bed area beforehand.

Unfortunately, we do not offer interior cleaning services; however, we do offer free self-service vacuums and carpet mat cleaners with any wash. We also sell cleaning supplies at our vending room. 

No, for many reasons. For starters, all our locations feature a downward slope leading up to the conveyor. This allows a clear view of the conveyor during your approach. In addition, our friendly staff is always present to guide on onto the belt in an easy, stress-free, manor. Please do not fear this process, anyone who can drive a car, can easily use our car wash.

No, our extra wide belts have low guide rails the are lined with a special composite that is safe for all wheels.

Although we pride ourselves on embracing the latest technologies, we have found many troubling features to the flat-belt conveyors that do not live up to our quality standards.

  1. Inadequate Wheel Cleaning. The wheels do not turn on a flat-belt conveyor, this makes it difficult for any car wash, to properly clean tires and rims. The detergents and high-pressure wheels blasters, cannot reach all angles of a stationary wheel. We pride ourselves on our wheel cleaning and will not sacrifice our quality.

  2. Poor Tire Shine Quality. For the same reasons stated above, the flat-belt conveyors have trouble applying Tire Dressing. They attempt to apply the Tire Dressing at the end of the process as the vehicle is being pushed off the conveyor. This means applying the dressing while the vehicle is not properly aligned with the applicator. The result is very inconsistent application of the dressing.

  3. Poor Overall Wash Quality and Higher Damage. Vehicles often roll onto the belts at a slight angle, or not properly centered with the equipment. This decreases the effectiveness of the wash equipment and increases the likelihood of vehicle damage.

  4. Flat-belt conveyors tend to cause pile ups at the end of the tunnel. As your vehicle exits the flat-belt, it must transition from a stationary wheel to a rolling wheel. Customer that have the car in Park or have the brake depressed, will come to a sudden stop that could lead to a collision with other vehicles.

    In addition, our extra-wide, low guide rail conveyor, has proven to be safe on wheels and ensures a safer, more effective wash experience.

The maximum for our Car Washes is 13” tires. No double wheels allowed. 

Yes, we have a competitively priced Commercial Membership option if the vehicle is used in for-hire services. Ask an attendant at any location or email for more details. Note: Members who enroll in personal, noncommercial membership plans but engage their vehicle in for-hire services (such as, but not limited to Uber, Lyft, Sidecar, Limos, Taxis, etc.) will either have their membership terminated, cancelled, or switched to a commercial membership at the manager’s discretion.