Join the Unlimited Wash Club

At Jet Brite car wash, we listen! Because so many of you asked, we knew that the time had come to provide our loyal customers with an unlimited monthly wash club. We call it the JetPass® because its fast, and easy. 

With just one convenient low monthly payment, you can enjoy no hassle unlimited monthly washes.  

Wash once a day, every day, or whatever fits your schedule. With 4 great options, there’s definitely a plan that suits you. 

Wash at any Jet Brite location.

How Does the JetPass Unlimited Wash Club work?

You can get your JetPass Unlimited membership online or at any Jet Brite car wash. We’ve gone out of our way to make joining quick and easy.  Just register your license plate number, a credit or debit card, and select the wash plan that suits you best. Your license plate works as your JetPass. That’s it! No annoying stickers. No hassles.

Why join the Unlimited Wash Club?

A clean car just feels good and makes you look even better.  Stop worrying about the weather, road grime, salt, birds, dust, or whatever comes your way. The JetPass Unlimited has got you covered.  A sparking clean car always looks good on you. Here are some more reasons to join:

  • It Saves Money

If you compare us to the other washes in the area, we believe the Jet Brite Car Wash’s JetPass is by far the best deal. The more you wash, the more you save! 

Even with our low single wash prices, depending on your package, just washing two or three times a month will make up your investment.  And again, if you compare us to the other washes in the area, we believe the JetPass is by far the best deal.

  • It Saves Time

 Our unique License Plate Recognition technology reads your plate as you pull up to the gate. So, you don’t even have to stress about finding cash or pulling out your credit card. Also, there’s no need to for anyone to enter your car and attach any annoying stickers on your windshield.

  • It’s Conveniently Simple

No hassles! Your JetPass Membership will auto-renew every month. No Contracts, no long-term commitments! You can cancel your JetPass Unlimited Wash Club at any time.

Note: Members who enroll in personal, noncommercial membership plans but engage their vehicle in for-hire services (such as, but not limited to Uber, Lyft, Sidecar, Limos, Taxis, etc.) will either have their membership terminated, cancelled, or switched to a commercial membership at the manager’s discretion. For more information about our competitively priced commercial membership plan, please see an attendant at any location or email